John Lewis’s Poetry gives pause for the thought, provoking emotions that
well deep inside the subconscious.  Being myself a painter, reading the poetry
conjured up visual imagery that is both profound and at times surreal,
drawing me in and making one feel like recreating those emotions onto
canvas, such is the energy of John’s work.  In the times that we live, I feel
poems such as  ‘Silence of the Bees’ has a much-needed message and
meaning making one stop and think in our busy lives, something that is much
            Neal Adams
            Artist and Painter

Intelligent, imaginative poetry describing the thin veil around us.  A cosmic tour de force.
John Brings a fresh approach to the lost art of poetry, and our connection
with ourselves.  His fluid style flows between dream state and reality.  The
spiritual nature of his prose reminds us of our own inter-connectedness.
John’s emphasis is on how important our beliefs are and the hidden forces of
            William Rivers
            Short Story Writer