Against time & death
O’er mountains & glacial kin
through manzineta & her burgundy silk
of thorns, camouflaging the languid
anointing of urushoil oil

Three generations
Somberly congregate
with megaphones discretely wrapped under
bushels of golden grains
Trails of argot drift
descending slowly through the floorboards
as the trio
Commiserate in their gross
misconducts never
speaking a word
Hothouse visions & a
monument to the past from the future for
the coming of the past future

Asha envelops the room
descending upon the
later generations to
bestow her eternal simple truth
Sleep, Feast, Festivity
joining together again
for the placement of the
consecrated inao

Fish like cobras swim
through the air while
the faithful offer up
dance to the house of song
Pages turn the seasons
as the sacrificed partake
first rites

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