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Friday, February 24th, 2006

Off white patches decorate the weathered orange canoe
pointing across the river at a slightly tilted & raised

dock resting under the young willow. A man & woman
row by abandoned of expression passing a covered spotty

lime green dingy held one extra step from the bank by a
series of bamboo ‘bumper’ stakes reaching deep into mud

and air. A woman walks past with one hand holding the
leash of a Deutshound & in the other the hand of a little

girl. Resting on the woman’s back is a bag overflowing with
jasmine in such abundance that she instantly transforms

into a living Diego Riviera portrait flowing with the scent
and sexuality that belied the masters greatest achievements.

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One Mouth, No Ear

Friday, February 24th, 2006

In a city
where all the words
fall to the ground
to knead themselves
into ashes
& sun baked motor oil
while gliding,
.        floating
& careening
through the creeks,
streams, fields, rivers
& waterfalls
in the baptism of fresh rain,
that cleanses our gutters and sewers
giving those words the opportunity
to be born once again
into the mouths of prop guns
which haven’t the intent
nor velocity
with which to suggest

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The Thread That Binds Us All

Friday, February 24th, 2006

No matter how perceptive
No Matter how in tune


Life is bound to trick you
And it happens all to soon


It isn’t that we couldn’t know
Or that we didn’t care


It’s always cause we trick ourselves
That’s something we all share

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Friday, February 24th, 2006

Drifting terrace
a river stands still


The wind echoes
a stability of unbalance


Conversations un-finish themselves
at the intersection of points not made
articulating de-clarification
beyond a permanence of intention


Pendulum theories tend to sedate
through the assumption of a fixed fulcrum
while the erosions of water
are rarely witnessed by the naked I

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Semantic Eulogies

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Crystalline segments of intention
lay lifeless in the open grave
of abandoned execution
while the assumptions
of in-communication
into the blackness
of night
sterilizing fecund energies
with an impotence
that rains down
on the DNA
of connectivity
the advancements
of profound discovery
by cloaking ratios of gold


It’s the thirst of a giant cactus
rotting dry and barren
abandoned of its weapons
standing lifeless
in its open air grave
like a blackened crystal tombstone
buried in the sedimentary eulogies
of its own intentions

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Friday, February 24th, 2006


Shadow of a cloud 

Glides along the sea

Above it all



Gentle breeze


Cup of tea



Lone monk

Reading before the Buddha

Daily sports page




The falling leaf

Finds a creek



El Largo

Volcan Arenal




Sunset beside an island

Slowly turn…

…Full moon




Breaking down the stage

Loitering fans



Rose petals on wind

Dry koi ponds

Empty house




Drifting past banyan

Drops from view



Love birds chasing 

Open air and tail

Flickering light through clouds

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Friday, February 24th, 2006

Against time & death
O’er mountains & glacial kin
through manzineta & her burgundy silk
of thorns, camouflaging the languid
anointing of urushoil oil

Three generations
Somberly congregate
with megaphones discretely wrapped under
bushels of golden grains
Trails of argot drift
descending slowly through the floorboards
as the trio
Commiserate in their gross
misconducts never
speaking a word
Hothouse visions & a
monument to the past from the future for
the coming of the past future

Asha envelops the room
descending upon the
later generations to
bestow her eternal simple truth
Sleep, Feast, Festivity
joining together again
for the placement of the
consecrated inao

Fish like cobras swim
through the air while
the faithful offer up
dance to the house of song
Pages turn the seasons
as the sacrificed partake
first rites

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