John C Lewis

John C. Lewis was born and raised in Newport Beach, CA where he stayed until moving to Colorado for university.  It was there in the Rocky Mountains that his passion for nature first found its way into words.   His poetry soon grew to include his majors of philosophy and anthropology.  This developed into poetic abstractions based in and inspired by existentialism and extending into the writings of Henri Bergson while the anthropology courses brought an edge of semantic exploration in communication and cultural understanding.  Further, he has found much inspiration in his travels around the world.  These experiences have created quite an eclectic potpourri of poetry that jumps from deep to shallow, from nature to the cerebral, with a touch of romance and the psychedelic.  His sense of humor also has a strong footing in his poetry.  At times the energies of the individual pieces seem to mislead away from the underlying themes making it difficult to tell when he is being deep and serious vs. pulling you leg in a comical manner.

Currently, John is living in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia where his time is spent writing poetry, playing guitar, painting, and working with fine art running